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About Us

Company Profile

Plant Rental Singapore is the plant rental unit of Chen Wa Landscape Pte Ltd. We are essentially established way back in 1990 with rental of plants to offices, factories, commercial and residential buildings.  These are clients who are still today, experiencing the perks of having plants around their indoor environments.  Some of our valued clients include:

Bank of China
Flextronics Manufacturing
German Centre For Industry & Trade
Harry’s International Pte Ltd
Hoya Electronics
Intl Flavors & Fragrances
Nestle R&D
Samwah Smart Hub
Seagate Technology Intl
Three Bond Singapore
Venture Corporation Limited

& many more…

Join us today in our drive to bring sustainable, innovative indoor greenery to every living space. We strive to serve with flexibility in your needs, budget and space. Your satisfaction is more than anything else.

Perks of Indoor Greenery

Guiding the way we serve you, these are the three simple traits/principles we strive to exude:

Affableness: Our green agents will serve with respectful, sincere and friendly attitudes.
Inventiveness: We strive to propose innovative new solutions and overcome constraints in all different spaces.
Responsiveness: We work to respond effectively in the shortest possible time.

Mother Nature has always wanted us to share our living spaces with plants. It is all but natural to have plants around us. Importantly, these harmless plants are silently beneficial to our health and environment.

Sadly, as we work and stay indoors (90% of the time), we begin to lose the perks of having plants around. Supported by numerous scientific papers, it is evidently shown that potted plants microcosm helps improve our living spaces and why we should bring them back in. Here we present the essential 4-As:

Air: Plants are the lungs of Mother Earth and in buildings or rooms, they functionally purify, clean and oxygenate the air we breathe. A simple presentation at TED by researcher Mr Kamal Meattle shows how 3 of our rental plants can help create the air that we breathe. Click here.

Augmentation: Planters and plants are the perfect choice furnishings that can be used to augment human traffic flows in buildings. It can also be used as privacy screens to shield view from unwanted audiences.

Aesthetics: Improving the feel and ambience of any living space, plants fit in every time. Be it a stuffy filing room or the hard looking toilet, plants add a welcoming spark against any sign of gloominess. Plants add colours to the dull spaces, softness against hard surfaces and cozyness where people gather. They are the perfect furniture in any space.

Assessment: Working in line with Singapore’s vision of a garden city, buildings are progressively working towards being “green”. Facilities and building management achieve green points instantly with addition of indoor plants during their assessment for schemes like BCA’s Greenmark and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a global green building accreditation scheme).

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